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  • Vladimir Voevodsky passed away unexpectedly in the morning of September 30. Among many other great achievements, Vladimir was one of the founders of Homotopy Type Theory. He has fundamentally changed our view on type theory and inspired us with unexpected results and deep insights. Our community suffers a tremendous loss. See the obituary of the IAS and the obituary of the New York Times.
  • We are now accepting Conference Grant applications. This is a new instrument in COST actions to support researchers from the so-called Inclusiveness Target Countries. See here.
  • At FSCD in Oxford in Sept 2017, the EUTYPES action will organize a WG meeting on formalized security proofs.
  • 10-14 July 2017, the EUTYPES action will hold a summer school in Ohrid, Macedonia. Grants are available for students whose country is involved in the action. Don't delay signing up.
  • The TYPES 2017 conference will take place in Budapest 29 May-1 June 2017. 29-30 May there will be an EUTYPES MC&WG meeting. This is the first meeting of the 2nd year of the action; eCOST invitations to the meeting can only be issued once the work and budget plan has been approved, hopefully in early May.
  • 26-27 April 2017 there will be a WG meeting on formalization of mathematics in Nantes. This is the last meeting during the 1st year of the action.
  • A MC&WG Meeting (WG1) is going to take place in Ljubljana 30-31 Jan. 2016, together with a workshop on Syntax and Semantics of Type Theory, 1-2 Feb. 2017.