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Working Groups

EUTypes is organised into four Working Groups.

WG1: Theoretical Foundations

Type theory as a foundational language for expressing concepts from computer science and mathematics with the specific aim to improve programming and to enhance the certification of computer systems.

Chair: Prof Andrej Bauer, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

WG2: Type-theoretic tools

Modern type theories form the basis of sophisticated platforms that integrate specification and programming with methodologies and tools for the verification of programs.

Chair: Dr Assia Mahboubi, INRIA Paris, France

WG3: Types for programming

Type-based programming increases the security, reliability, resilience and reusability of software as evidenced by the increasingly popularity of strongly typed languages and the widespread use of types in applied programming language research.

Chair: Dr Andreas Abel, Chalmers University Gothenburg, Sweden

WG4: Types for verification

The study and development of type based verification systems aims at expressing and optimising the verification tasks in terms of existing strong type systems such as the Calculus of Inductive Constructions, Martin-Löf type theory or Higher-Order Logic.

Chair: Dr Keiko Nakata, SAP Potsdam, Germany