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MC&WG Meeting in Ljubljana, 30-31 Jan. 2017 + Workshop on Syntax and Semantics of Type Theory, 1-2 Feb.

This is a EUTypes MC&WG meeting. It takes place in connection with a workshop on Syntax and Semantics of Type Theory workshop (SSTT), organized by Vladimir Voevodsky and Andrej Bauer. Both meeting are open for participation.

See the list of participants and confirmed speakers.

Facebook page

For coordination about dinner and other informal events, use the Facebook EUTypes+SSTT event page.

Tentative schedule

Please consult the public Google calendar for the tentative schedule. You may also import ICAL calendar directly into your calendar.

Venue & Accommodation

The meeting will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. The faculty is located at Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Google map).

There are numerous options for accommodation in Ljubljana available through the usual Internet channels. We have reserved a block of rooms at Hotel Mrak at a special rate of 50/night (city tourist tax of 1.265/night is not included). We recommend Hotel Mrak as it is located in the city center and is within walking distance of the department. The block of rooms is reserved until January 9th 2017. After this date the offer is subject to availability. When you make a reservation through the web site or at, make sure to mention the magic word "EUTYPES".

Travel arrangements

By airplane

To get from the Ljubljana airport (LJU) to the city, you can:

  1. take a bus (around 5) to the central bus station (schedule), then get to your hotel on foot or by city bus, or
  2. reserve a shuttle service (recommended) that will take you to your hotel (around 10), you can find your own on the Internet, or use the one that our department has been using (they respond to the on-line order form within half an hour or faster):
    • Taxi Rondo online shuttle order, or call them at +386 41 970 970
    • Go Opti shuttle service (also provides service from other nearby airports)
    • there is frequent shuttle service at the airport, but it is better if you reserve a seat in advance, as the price is lower
  3. reserve a taxi (around 25)
    • Taxi Rondo taxi service, order one in advance via online taxi order or call them at +386 41 970 970
    Note: the COST network does not normally cover taxi expenses (see section 4.1.4, page 30, of the COST Vademecum for exact rules)!

Do not pick up a taxi from the airport without prioir reservation because it will cost you at least twice as much.

To get from the city back to the airport, ask your hotel to make an arrangement. If you are leaving on Thursday, February 2nd, after lunch, we will organize shuttle service directly from the department (you pay).

By car

Once you get to Ljubljana, take the exit "Ljubljana zahod" to get to the department. Parking in the center is complicated, you should arrange it with your hotel ahead of time. The hotel may or may not charge you for it. You can also park at the Faculty of mathematics and physics, which is at Jadranska 21, Ljubljana. When you get to the ramp, buzz the receptionist and tell them you are a visitor at the EUTypes conference. You may leave the car at the parking lot overnight at your own risk (on the other hand, we have never had any cars broken into).

By train

When you get off the train at the Ljubljana central train station, you are within walking distance from most hotels. The Mrak hotel is about a 20 minute walk. It is not worth taking public buses to Mrak hotel, it is too complicated. If you prefer not to walk, you will have to take one of the taxis herding just outside the station, but also see below.

Public transportation in Ljubljana

Apart from getting from and to the airport, it is unlikely you will need public transport in Ljubljana, since most places you will visit are within walking distance. In case you do need public transport you can use

In Ljubljana taxis are usually somewhat cheaper if you order them by phone than if you just pick them up in the street. A ride across town should cost 58. There are many taxi services, which the internet will find for you. Our department has been using Taxi Rondo, which can be reached at +386 40 970 970 (or toll-free +386 80 900 900 if you can get it to work with a foreign phone).

Note: the COST network does not normally cover taxi expenses (see section 4.1.4, page 30, of the COST Vademecum for exact rules)!

About the meeting

EUTypes working meeting

The EUTypes working meetings are open to all members of the EUTypes COST network, as well as to all other researchers interested in the topic. We encourage discussion about ongoing work, problem statements, progress reports, as well as presentation of latest results. The working meeting will consists of a number of shorter contributed talks. If you would like to participate, please send e-mail to Andrej Bauer as soon as possible. Please include a title and a short description of the topic.

Syntax and Semantics of Type Theory

The workshop will cover topics in syntax and semantics of type theory. There will be a smaller number of more substantial talks, with plenty of time for discussion. We plan to announce the list of speakers as soon as possible.

Registrations & financial support

The EUTypes COST network will cover the cost of travel and accommodation to all MC members. We have also allocated funds for he participants of the Working group meetings. The funding is subject to COST rules. In practical terms, the funding is likely going to be sufficient for the entire duration of your stay, including the SSTT workshop. There is no conference fee.

If you are planning to participate, please send an email to Andrej Bauer as soon as possible and indicate:

  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Are you attending the MC meeting (by invitation)?
  • Would you like to speak at the general work meeting on January 30th? If so, send a title and an abstract.
  • Would you like to speak at the WG1 meeting on January 31st? If so, send a title and an abstract.
  • Would you like financial support from EUTypes network?